After the year you've had, a well earned holiday is on the cards. You've made the wise decision to head to the High Country - to venture through towering mountains, crystal clear waters and relish the freshest local produce. However, it seems everyone else has the same idea...

Never fear, we have the answer! Go beyond your tried and true favourites and give the quieter achievers a try. With these seven brand new end-to-end journeys already mapped out for you, we promise the holiday you deserve.

Step into Victoria's backyard and get up close and personal with the amazing High Country.

Whether it's town and historic walks, a chance to get back to nature or exhilerating wilderness walks, you're sure to find your perfect walk right here.

You don't have to be fit, an avid cyclist, or even have your own bike to enjoy Pedal to Produce. All that's required is a taste for luscious, farm fresh produce, exceptional local wines and carefully crafted foods.

Pedal to Produce offers three destinations, all with rich, distinct offerings spanning across wine, preserves, honey and mead, restaurants, organic meats, gin and much more.

For those looking to unwind, recharge and treat themselves, the High Country is the perfect place to find your zen.

From the spa that offers it all - treatments, natural products, magnesium pools and luxurious accommodation, to the humble yoga/ natural therapies clinic or local boutique selling natural, handmade goodies, you're sure to find your 'happy place.'

Dream a little, start planning your High Country experience today!

Accommodation options
for couples, families and groups.

High Country produce delivered direct to your door.

Looking for some inspiration, there are High Country experiences suited to just about everyone.

Australian Pumpkin Seed Company Sharan Rivett

From Little Things …

They’re referred to as ‘Green Gold’ and only one farm in Australia produces them …

Billy Button Mayford Wines winery vineyard barrels jo marsh eleana anderson

Maker and the Muse

Curious similarities between Alpine Valley wines and their enchanted winemakers

Sangiovese Project King Valley

The Sangiovese Project

A journey by the King Valley to discover how to produce Australia’s finest Sangiovese

Reed & Co

The Evolution of Reed & Co Distillery

Three years on, Rachel Reed and Hamish Nugent’s baby has grown!

Katherine Brown

Katherine Brown

From coffee to wine, and how!

Billsons' spirits with distiller and brewer Tony.

Handcrafted Spirits

Billson’s expand their range into gins, vodka and (one day) whiskey and rum!

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